Hoxton Heaven / Hoxton Hell

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    Rob Mello (Classic recs, Disco 45 recs) Dj Steffie (Club NME) Joe Le Groove (Pushca, Pony Resident) Performances/Scaring/Dress Up & General Entertainment by "The Immaculate Extremists"
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  • <strong>Ticket holders must arrive before 11pm!</strong> The Pony Presents… Hoxton Heaven / Hoxton Hell! Are you sitting ‘un’comfortably.. Good..! Then I’ll begin… “An ancient prophecy written long ago predicted that on Halloween night, the year of our lord 2009, the gates to both heaven and hell will open up on Curtain Rd in Shoreditch. You are invited to see this spectacle with your own eyes. Those of you brave enough to walk amongst the undead, will be greeted at “the gates” by St Peter. Its here he will decide – are you good or are you WICKED? Those of you deemed holy and pure will be ushered to the beautiful white, upper level of the building where you can mingle with harp plucking cherubs and angels, smell the white roses and float in the clouds. Those naughty creatures among you will be banished down to the most debauched, sinful and wicked place known to man.. HELL’S DANCEFLOOR. As you take the stairs down to the floor of the depraved, you’ll notice the roses turning from white to black… Rotting apples oozing maggots and a whole manner of terrible sights for your eyes. Reach the bottom of the stairs and you will find indescribable horrors... All hope is now lost for you.. The creatures of hell will corrupt and tempt you into joining their immoral games, and within moments you will be at one with them on the dancefloor.” Yes this Sat 31st its Halloween and we bring you a creepy Heaven & Hell theme here at The Pony.. The upper part of the bar being “heaven” and the bottom half “hell”. This is all brought to you by east London’s décor Queen Twiggy. We aim to make this your best Halloween ever and with this in mind we have a special 4am licence for the evening so you can really let your “scare” down..! To help the party go with a scream we have enlisted the help of “The Immaculate Extremists”. The Extremists are a crazed group of lunatics who’ll stop at nothing to bring kitsch over-dressing and crazy stunts to every corner of the galaxy. They will be dressing up, scaring the pants off you and entertaining you for the entire party. Theme wise for your outfits we ask you to keep it good or evil (be it characters from history, TV, film, music) red or white, angel/devil, or classic Halloween.. Whatever you choose be sure you dress to scare the living daylights out of us! A prize of dinner for 2 with champagne on us will be awarded to the best costume on the night. Pre-bookable before the event we are also giving you the opportunity to reserve a table for you and your pals. This comes with a special Halloween twist.. When you arrive, on your table you’ll be presented with a specially hollowed and carved pumpkin full of “Blood Punch” for you all to share.. Although delicious, this cursed concoction is a real deadly brew with a whole bottle of “Toz” Rum, it packs the bite of 12 vampires. On the music tip we are ensuring that the ghoulish surroundings are not the only thing guaranteed to send a shiver down your spines, on the decks of hell we have `’proper” house music lovers favourite Rob Mello. Hailed as “London’s best kept secret” by many critics in the know. Both DJ and Producer; Rob has recorded, produced, and remixed a diverse catalogue of releases since 1992. From pioneering Azuli Record’s disco house duo “Disco Elements” to co-founding saucy house label Luxury Service, right through to writing and receiving a BAFTA nomination for a the incidental music on the UK club culture movie, Human Traffic. DJing since 1986 he has pioneered his own style that is much in demand with various regular appearances and residences all over the world, far too many to mention! Warming you up for Rob’s main house set, will be DJ Steffie from club NME! You can expect a selection of party classics from the 60’s all the way through to the current day – a real “monster mash” up to get you into the evil swing of things! Also on the line up will be Pushca and Pony resident Joe Le Groove playing house classics from past/present and future! Tickets are £8 in Advance and £10 on the door: www.clubtickets.com // www.ticketweb.co.uk // www.residentadvisor.net Rob Mello (Classic recs, Disco 45 recs) www.myspace.com/noears Dj Steffie (Club NME) http://www.myspace.com/steffieuk Joe Le Groove (Pushca, Pony Resident) www.myspace.com/joelegroove Performances/Scaring/Dress Up & General Entertainment by "The Immaculate Extremists" Décor by Twiggy
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