Pogo & Electric Shock feat Dj Funk, Marco Bernardi, Jimmy Edgar (Live), Gosub (Live) & More

  • "Nightmare, total nightmare", said the ES PR writer when he saw the line-up for November. "You want me to write about 4 International guests & 3 Irish? - no chance, it's too much"....well, after the promise of a Chicken Doner meal in Zaytoon (with garlic sauce included), he soon relented and put together this hotch-potch of a run down on what is quite possibly, probably, maybe the best line-up we've ever managed put together. **Wham:** DJ Funk - Chicago ghetto house DJ extraordinaire. No bullsh*t, no fashions, no trends - Funk does it on his own terms. He rocks the party like no other. If you were in the Tivoli for his last appearance, you know what we mean. Ripping it up with many of his own productions and plenty of triple-distilled vodka to keep things moving, DJ Funk is a showman and a legend who has been putting out traxxx since '92 on Dance Mania, Funk Records, Projex. International House and managing to make Justice sound exciting by remixing their Waters of Nazareth track - no mean feat. Let there be Funk! www.myspace.com/djfunk1 www.myspace.com/djfunk2 www.myspace.com/dance_mania_records **Bam:** Jimmy Edgar - renaissance man with music and photography (not to mention modelling) being key to this man's ability to keep surprising. Since his debut release came out of nowhere back in 2004, Jimmy has continued to rock out releases on that seminal label while also releasing on Detroit Underground, Semantica and more recently the Minus offshoot 'Items & Things'. His 'I wanna be your STD' track was recently voted in the Top 10 all time Warp Records releases by fans of the label and appears on the 20th year retrospective in stores now. His live show has been rolled out across nations this year with an appearance at Berghain memorably recalled by ex-pats in attendance. In addition to releases under his own name, we're also massive fans of his Creepy Autograph stuff and particularly the 'Her Bad Habit' record on the killer Citinite label - get ready & set for a 'Her Bad Habit' album coming on Citinite very pronto indeed. www.jimmyedgar.com www.myspace.com/colorstrip www.citinite.com **Thank You:** Marco Bernardi - step right up to the Electric Shock. A regular visitor to Irish shores but a first visit to the Electric Shock arena, Marco is a one man electro machine with releases coming out firing on labels such as Clone, Soma, Frustrated Funk, Nice & Nasty, Crème and a monster release on The Baron's White Noise label earlier this year. It's techno & electro quality all the way with this Italo-Weegie! Italians are f-ing mental. Whilst Glaswegians dole out exotic levels of passionate mayhem. So please meet Marco Bernardi. A hybrid of these two energies and one of the most boisterous sonic sorcerers to forge epic, lysergic towers of sound since Ron Hardy blew people’s skulls off two decades ago in The Music Box. As a studious pupil examining the hypnotic aesthetic of Chicago House, the intricate structures of Detroit Techno, the varied minimalism of Europe and the relentless fervour still uncontainable across Britain on a Friday night - Bernardi has more in his pipe than most could muster. Bernardi has been releasing searing electronic sounds for the dance floor via Soma, Clone, Frustrated Funk and Submerge and over the last five years his pedigree has clearly presented itself. Hurl in seminal sets at all the best clubs round Europe; from London’s Fabric, to Barcelona’s Loft,Berlin,s Berghain and back up to Glasgow’s Sub Club and you can appreciate how he’s been refining his sound to become uniquely lazer sharp. Every performance has seen him develop his analogue adventure growing into a truly creative margin made by himself - for only himself to inhabit. For this appearance, Marco is going to toughen things up and brock out the basement finishing things up in his own unique style. www.myspace.com/marcobernardi **Mam:** Gosub - all the way from Miami - we've been a fan of Shad T. Scott since back in the Isophlux day and never thought we'd see the day when he'd show up at Electric Shock playing a live show. Well, this day has come - almost a year after he was supposed to play Electric City but then we knocked the weekly club on the head. The best things come to those who wait, and when it comes to electro music, Gosub really is up amongst the best. Releases followed on Device, Frustrated Funk, Point One, Kondi and an absolute stone-cold classic album on Citinite called 'Watchers from the Black Universe'. Gosub will be playing downstairs in the basement together with Marco Bernardi. Get lost in the the sounds of the future/past. This one is going to be awesome, no doubt. www.isophlux.net www.myspace.com/gosub DJ Support: Paudi Ahern, Rian Ryan & Simon Conway. In the basement, Paudi & Rian will be kicking things off an joining the electro dots through the evening between Gosub & Marco Bernardi. Easily two of Ireland' best DJs, these two will be setting the basement on fire with killer tracks and dynamite mixology. Upstairs in The Stage, kicking things off if he's still standing after the Ireland v. France play-off will be returning Wroclaw-ian Simon Conway with a mix of electro, italo and freaktronics leading us nicely into the evening's merriment. People, tickets for this one are flying out quicker than a 29.99euro suit at Lidl. you can pick them up in advance for 10euro - 10euro? We're taking food off our kids table & skipping mortgage repayments to bring you this show and at such a good deal. You can sort us a pint on the night to say cheers. If there are any left, they will be available on the door for the still reasonable price of e15 but you would be a mug to pay an extra 5 euro, no? If you don't have a credit card, you can send us your name for the e10 entry list but you must be in the venue before midnight or else Cinderella says no. Sign up for the this party and for latest announcements, mixes, charts, videos @ our facebook event page: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=154757093253&ref=ts Become a fan of Electric Shock by signing up here: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=113650064885 **COM BOSSA** host the Mezz with a choice selection of Soul n Disco, Latin / Afro funk, Deep and Soulful Vibes. Live percussion from Chuckie
  • Pogo & Electric Shock feat Dj Funk, Marco Bernardi, Jimmy Edgar (Live), Gosub (Live) & More - Flyer front
    Pogo & Electric Shock feat Dj Funk, Marco Bernardi, Jimmy Edgar (Live), Gosub (Live) & More - Flyer back