Megabass Club

  • Mega- var. of megalo- (megalith); also the initial element in units of measure that are equal to one million of the units denoted by the base word (megahertz). Symbol: M Bass –adjective 1. low in pitch; of the lowest pitch or range: a bass voice; a bass instrument. 2. of or pertaining to the lowest part in harmonic music. -:- TWIN TURBO Twin Turbo are the twin brothers Nuno and Pedro Pinto. After a few experiences in other projects, they began playing together as DJ's in early 2006. Since then, they have played in the best clubs in Porto, their home town, such as Plano B, Passos Manuel, Pitch, Bazaar and Indústria, Lisbon (Lux, Mini-Mercado, Incógnito...). They have also played throughout Portugal, including on one of the biggest Portuguese festivals "Paredes de Coura". Besides this they also played in the Clubb Ace (Stockholm, SE) and Soundsick (Madrid, ESP). They had the pleasure to share the booth with some well know international djs, such as Yuksek (FR), Dre Skull (USA), Blatta & Inesha (IT), Vicarious Bliss (GB), datA (FR), The Proxy (RU), Shadow Dancer (UK), Ascii Disko (DE) and with some of the most famous Portuguese names in electro music. Always on Turbo mode, their unpredictable sets mix the dirty and distorted sounds of electro-rock-new rave with tough techno beats. Sharing their passion for vehicles with supercharged engines, their sets are intense, revealing the influences of rock and heavy-metal music that they grew up listening to mixed with electronic sonic that tears apart the dance-floor. SÉRGIO GOMES Sérgio Gomes, the Breaks lda's main-head, began his career in 1998. first in his city, Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal), and later around Portugal and Europe. Influenced by indie-rock and funk, their sets are now characterized by a mixture of breakbeat with tech-funk, where their beats, re-rubs and mash-ups are in.
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