First Contact - Release Party

  • On the occasion of the release of their first experimental electronic album "First Contact", Envélope Cruz curated a night of musical and visual diversity. All working and experimenting with electronic music in their own way, the international lineup will take you on an interesting journey into sound. Cena: 300 RSD, 400 posle ponoći UMBRA Live [RS] Belgrade-based musician Marija Balubdžić performs under the alias Umbra. Through experimental research of improvisation and composition atop a multi-channel looper she confronts voice, keyboards and electronics. She is focusing on sound interventions and poetic experiment, ranging from noise to the idioms of pop music. WTNS DJ Set [FR] Experimental, techno, dnb... DJ, dancer, singer and visual designer originally from Paris. Part of the artistic collectives Envélope Cruz and La Hûtte. savmart Live [HU] Budapest based solo artist converting inner darkness into audio format via hardware artillery. sZARSz Live [US/FR] Dark Techno:::American werewolf in Paris. "The simulacrum now hides, not the truth, but the fact that there is none, that is to say, the continuation of Nothingness." - Jean Baudrillard Envélope Cruz Live [RS/FR] Belgrade | Paris quartet (Nemanja Trećaković, Alma Đelić, Bogdan Đokić, Maelissa). Envélope Cruz explores extraterrestrial ambient / drone / dub / electronic soundscapes using a custom built max msp / jitter / vuo / audio | light | video system. SAUD DJ Set [RS] Responsible for bringing advanced dance music artists such as Aïsha Devi, Eomac, Mumdance and Untold to the infamous Drugstore Belgrade, SAUD is mostly focused on the vitalist legacy of hardcore continuum. Oriented to leftfield and breakbeat patterns of UK soundsystem music, he is bringing these influences together towards a contemporary, post-techno form of rhythmic psychedelia. Vrag DJ Set [RS] Vrag is a young Dj from Belgrade, based on underground techno sound. He founded himself in styles like DUB TECHNO, INDUSTRIAL and POST INDUSTRIAL, and sometimes in PUNK TECHNO and EBM sound. Standing behind the ''OFFEL'' concept (based in Belgrade) as a head creator, this youngster is trying to express his way of feelings trough underground sound as a way of life. Thanks to OFFEL - Off-Field Electronics, Rumour Rest Music Label and Dorćol Platz !
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