Experiment Naco/geil

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    Uproot Andy (Zizek Club/Dutty Artz NYC) Voodeux (featuring Tanner Ross, Mothership Music) Nacotheque (NYC) Baltimoroder John Barera VJ M - Boch
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  • naco: adj., 1. in Mexican Spanish used to describe poorly educated or bad-mannered people, 2. recently adopted by young Mexicans to mean “hip” or “cool” geil: adj., 1. in German used to describe a state of sexual excitement, 2. recently adopted by young Germans to mean “cool” or “great” Mexican-born, Berlin-based artist Damián Ortega creates raw, materials-based conceptual work that doesn’t lose its sense of humor—the inspiration for the jumping sonic explosion of Experiment: naco/geil. Expect reggaeton, baile, cumbia and other ass-thumping jams from Uproot Andy and NYC DJ collective Nacotheque in our lobby, then fast-forward to a Berlin-style minimal haus in our theatre with the BOSTON DEBUT of Voodeux and John Barera on deck with VJ [email protected] Boch on visuals. Special host and “Best DJ in Boston” Baltimoroder will keep it grounded to local turf with both pan-Latin and Deutsche sets. Don't leave Boston this weekend. Come here, and bring your passport. Get here early so you don't miss a f***ing thing! **Buy tickets now! If you haven't seen the Ortega exhibition, buy early then come to this. $5 on top of regular museum admission gets you into the party and into the galleries, which are open until 10:30.**
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      Advance: $20 general admission; $15 members and students with valid ID. Day of (October 9): $25 general admission; $20 members and students.
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