Kino Siska with Moritz Von Oswald Trio

  • Moritz von Oswald Trio unites first-category innovators in electronic music – Moritz von Oswald (famous for his projects Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound, co-founder of the legendary Berlin techno label Basic Channel), Max Loderbauer (Sun Electric, NSI) and the versatile techno producer and DJ Vladislav Delay (aka Luomo, Uusitalo) in a unique live performance project. The seasoned trio – all of them having been among the pioneers of Berlin electronic music scene of the early 1990's – has combined their diverse approaches and experience to reinvent the dub-electronica: the new project, Vertical Ascent (being praised by all the relevant international media covering new music, from the British The Wire to the US XLR8R) is an exploration of the possibilities inherent in live, collaborative improvisation, with Von Oswald playing electro-acoustics, Loderbauer on analogue synthesizers, and Vladislav Delay again taking up drums, his original instrument, to play metal percussion. Their epic excursions are the crossroads of the traditional Berlin techno and flashes of On-The-Corner by Miles Davis, Larry Heard, the tribal egalitarianism of the krautrock band Can, mutated calypso music and the complexity of Stravinsky. Surely one of the highlights of electro performances this autumn. More on Vertical Ascent at and Ago Tela is an organism of music improvisation, its tissue being composed of Marjan Crnkovic/Dojaja, Mario Marolt/Electrosaurus and Jernej Marušic/Octex, all of them having extensive experience in experimental electronica production and performance. The project originates in weekly open »Chilli Space Orchestra« jam sessions in the SubSub club, featuring occasional participation of other Slovenian artists. Their sound is based on improvised electro music ranging from ambient all the way to dance techno. Their performances are a mixture of analogue and digital instruments as well as effects, all supported by guests on acoustic instruments. The current live performance will feature Martelli – percussion, Adnan Blaževic - tarabuka, Damjan Bizilj aka Dj Bizzy – computer.
  • Kino Siska with Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Flyer front