Melting Pot with Mudd

  • Melting Pot pushes the envelope and serves up another debutant in the form of Paul Murphy AKA MUDD. Paul has been DJing since the late ‘80’s and producing for nearly as long! After hooking up with the Idjut Boys at their Phreek night; Paul and friends, Tom Lee and ,Melting Pot favourite, Steve Kotey got to work as Akwaaba releasing a couple of LPs and numerous singles on the Idjut’s labels - including the storming “Jus’ Pilau” which became a Body and Soul classic with Francois K licensing it for his Essential Mix CD. After Akwaaba disbanded Paul started to work exclusively under his Mudd moniker with some fabulous singles on the American based Rong music, culminating in the rather special Claremont 56 album - which headed more into the Balearic sound that his latter productions would more fully embrace. In 2007 Paul decided to go it alone and set up the Claremont 56 label, an outlet for beautiful Balearic based music, with help from old friends like the Idjut Boys. Not content with just the one label, there is also Sixty Five which has put out some tasty disco edits. Claremont 56 has been branching out into the compilations market recently, via the “Originals” series, where record collectors extraordinaire, like previous Melting Pot guest Mark Seven, are given free reign to pick the gems from their collections. Paul even manages to fit in some DJing amongst all this! and a fine one he is too! The more laid back vibe of his productions makes way for what one would expect from an MP guest – music for the dancefloor – with a heavy disco beat! For more info on Mudd: Melting Pot Pre-Club, Saturday 3rd October The Admiral, 72a Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA Free entry with Melting Pot DJs 9pm - Midnight Melting Pot DJs will be kicking things off at our pre-club at the upstairs bar in The Admiral - as an added incentive there are sure to be some half-price passes for the club floating around. With thanks to Loud & Clear Hi-Fi for sound equipment: