Sassy J, Donna Leake and Tamar Collocutor Trio (Live)

  • Sassy J's deep collection of jazz, broken beat and soul is a perfect match for Giant Steps.
  • Donna Leake 1600 - 1800 Music for open ears, open minds, open hearts and zero expectations. Sassy J 1800 - 2300 Vinyl 5 hr set from esteemed eclectic Swiss DJ known for her work helming the Patchwork club night in Bern, and standout sets at Dekmantel events over the last three years. 2300 - 0000 Tamar Collocutor Trio (live) - Tamar Osborn (sax/flute/clarinet), William Rees (sarod/viola), *special guest* (tabla/electronics) 2nd Wave w/ Donna Leake, Aneesh + guests 2300 - 0400 a deep listening after-party on the Klipschorns in the waterfront room. Donna, Aneesh and friends will bringing only theirdeepest nuggets. Free entry for ticket holders, otherwise £5 otd. Indian Food by Dhaba
  • Sassy J, Donna Leake and Tamar Collocutor Trio (Live) - Flyer front