Club Motherfucker presents Mofofest Part 2

  • Venue
    Bardens Boudoir
    • 36 - 44 Stoke Newington Road; Dalston; London N16 7XJ; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 10 Oct 20098:00pm - 4:00am
  • Promoter
    Club Motherfucker
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    Invasion, Nil Hartman, Master and Servant, Ladynoise, Captain Sweetheart, Isa GT (DJ), Club Jolene (Djs), Silvia Prada (DJ), Daughters of the Kaos (DJ), Mark Eats (DJ)
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  • 'Look for the dream that keeps coming back Your future. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a handshake 'cause everything is not yet lost...' Club Motherfucker Presents MOFOFEST! Part TWO Bands early, Dancing, Drinking and ting 'til late! Arrive Early Motherfuckers! Live!Live!Live! INVASION When Invasion played at Club Motherfucker Live! last year everybody there to witness them pretty much wet themselves. They were first on and the assembled crowd were kicking back, enjoying a leisurely pint, and not at all prepared for the rock hard attack of awesome with which they were met. Playing Stripped down, sexydrunk heavy metal with the most kick arse female vocalist in the country, Invasion are genuinely exciting prospects for the big time. You need to see them live, dude, you'll probably wet yourself. "I think these are the guys who the NME said were going to save music. Well they’re a lot better than the Datsuns and they saved music too, so these guys must rule 9/10" VICE MAGAZINE NIL HARTMAN Discovered by Ed Banger head honcho Busy P, Frenchman Nil Hartman is the purveyor of some damn fine glitchy techno pop. An obsessive Video Game player who was inspired by different kinds of artists like Erik Satie, Aphex Twin, Daedalus, My Bloody Valentine and the masters of techno music back in the Motor City, Nil released his first, well received EP “Comme un (presque) printemps,” in july 2008. That was followed by a sampler with Diesel U: Music and a remix for Mondkopf. He is now preparing his first and long-awaited LP and his live set promises to be a danceathon of epic proportions. Be Excited, you! MASTER AND SERVANT Chow Chow were a great band who had two releases on Fantastic Plastic before their life as a group was cut tragically short with the sudden passing of 26 year old Vocalist Iain Smith. The result and remainder of the band, Nathan and Stu have gone on to form Master and Servant. The project is a mixture of live drums and bass mixed with casio rhythms and bellowing vox through 90's synths and samplers. They describe themselves as pioneers of 'Kraut-Hop', we describe them as pretty, pretty, pretty good! LADYNOiSE Look, im just going to let this band speak for themselves, OK. Pay Attention. "Lurking down the backstreets of aborted scientific experiments in gender lie the seething and rotting Riot T-Grrrls. They are outlawed in hardcore countries, shunned and spat on in softcore countries: fucked up by doctors, locked up by judges, puked on by punks, punched by faghags, queerbashed by the queers, and left to die by the straights. But they are crawling out from your prisons, your swamps and your sewers, and into your cozy sleepwalking lazy worlds of numbed pain. They are your embarassment and shame coming back to haunt you. You are not safe! There's no place to hide. LADYNOiSE have arrived and they want REVENGE!" YES, REALLY! We love embarrassment and shame as much as much as the next man, GET IN! CHAPTER SWEETHEART Coming at you from the exotic climes of Bewdley, Essex, Camberwell and Russia are the members of Chapter Sweetheart. Playing Post Punk reminiscent of Nation Of Ulysses and featuring Kevin of Lost Penguin/Toy Pirate, We expect very good things from this lot. Socially conscious, they have a band pact to only play gigs that are free to the peoples but are making an exception for mofo tonight. YUS! Super Fun Dance Party after with All Girl, All Awesome, Guest Deejays ISA GT + CLUB JOLENE + SILVIA PRADA Playing a sonic mess of whatever the fuck they want for your dancing pleasure! Plus Between the band sounds from Club Mofo Host/Promoters/Bon Vivants Daughters of the Kaos w/Mark Eats You do the dancing it up, we love you long time FUNFUCKINTIMEZ! Bardens Boudoir is located at 38 - 44 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 7XJ… Travel:The nearest overground is Dalston-Kingsland (two stops from Highbury & Islington tube), Bardens is then a five minute walk up Kingsland Road… Buses 67, 76, 149 and 243 stop on the doorstep. Buses 149, 243 and 76 operate all night… Buses 242, 30, 38, 56 all go to Dalston Junction which is a five minute walk up to Bardens. Buses 38 and 242 operate all night night long baby.[email protected]/ **************************************************** We deaded the regular Club Motherfucker Live! do in March of this year due to um, life and that but are back on the block for a limited run of Mofofests. These were to be travelling mini festivals showcasing our pick of the bestest in new music but after a bit of searching, our commitment to independant operations and long time keenness to stick it to the man, mean we will be doing all 6 of them at our ex-home of 3 years. Yay! Bardens Boudoir is the motherfucking Daddy of the Dalston scene and probably the best family-run, furniture shop basement cum nightclub/Live Music Venue in the whole of the wide world. Join us for these partyfests friends, we want you bad.
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