Re-Opening Of Upstairz

  • Venue
    • Corner of Old Pretoria Road & James Crescent; Johannesburg 1685; South Africa
  • Date
    Sat, 26 Sep 200922:00 - 07:00
  • Attending
    • 2
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    The Pit 22h30 - Louis 12h00 - Speedy 01h30 - Daniel Licht vs Vertigo_Dj 03h00 - Morgan vs Elemental Green Room 22h00 - Rob Taylor 00h00 - Jon S. 02h00 - Deep Groove 04h00 - Guy Herman Upstairz @ Truth 22h00 - Karmi 00h30 - Hydro 02h30 - Andi Dill 04h30 - Nick Lumb
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  • This week Truth unveils the brand new 'Upstairs @ Truth' which is now fully renovated and complete... Upstairs at Truth has played a fundamental role in the growth and progression of underground music in South Africa over the last few years and is the heart of the Minimal/Techno scene in Jhb. Four years ago Karmi & Manuel Oettl made a decision to break away from the main floors at Truth to pursue their willingness to promote the then 'New Sound' coming out of Europe where all the major clubs had already begun to explore the sounds of Techno to mainstream and large scale dancefloors... This was a bold step taken and at a time where Electro had begun to establish itself as the most desired sound on local dancefloors and radio stations. In hindsight this was a giant leap forward in the progression in dance music culture in SA as Tech house/ Techno and Minimal is now the staple music policy for all major clubs abroad and is now showing signs of major integration locally. Residents Karmi, Nick Lumb, Andi Dill and Jimmy Chronic have been instrumental in promoting the sound in recent years and the first stage of renovation to the club marks a proud moment in the young 10 year history of truth.
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