Techno-Traum Pres: Coeter [Kaputt Ltd / Fokus]

  • TECHNO TRAUM: Techno in a context of breaking the boundaries between reality and dream, releasing the unique imagination of each one of us and transforming it into a sole experience of free wandering through yourself. An escape from the materialism flooding the daily beats of modern life's pace. COETER [ Kaputt Ltd, Fokus / Kiel ] Katapult Duo [ Arts Dig. , Focus Rec / Berlin ] Loris D'Ettorre [ Minimal Force / Berlin ] Kobzev [ Noir Fidelity, Minimal Force / Berlin ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Second-Floor from 01:00 to 07:00 HYPNAGOGIA: Hypnotic Rhythms, dreamlike atmospheres, introspective sounds and wide spectrum of genres will characterize the Upstairs Floor, to simulate a particular fluctuating state of consciousness and by the vague and nuanced character of thoughts. WUT [ Paesaggi Records ] Whitecrawler [ aenigma ]
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