Sobekin with The Drifter

  • Sobekin - The light in the night The word kin has a double meaning; someone's family member, relative or a tribe. Sobekin is a monthly gathering at Aether where the tribe can connect and share their passion for a sophisticated ethnic-deep-melodic sound. The journey cannot be complete without inviting a distant relative who's proximity is important to us. Irish producer, DJ and singer The Drifter after an upbringing dabbling in different musical pursuits, from bands and choirs to folk and traditional, a love for electronic music was born from ventures into Dublin nightlife. His DJ style, like his productions, definitely lean towards the hypnotic, melodic and emotive side of electronic music. Taking a residency in Berlin with Mano Le Tough for three years set his reputation as Dj and brought him around the globe several times. His record label Maeve runned together with Mano and Baikal became an important benchmark for deep emotive music lovers in the past years. Productions on Permanent Vacation, SIAMESE, Maeve, Bedrock or Watergate Records supported by all of the important Dj icons and are well known from the global dancefloors. Just back from his North American tour please welcome The Drifter for his first time in Budapest. Our actual warmup expert Falcao is a real house master, please be sure that he will set the vibe by sharp mixes and an ideal selection of gems for this special night at Aether. Savor the moment and leave your phone alone! The Drifter (maeve, Permanent Vacation) fb: sc: spotify: Dj Sobek (Monaberry, AETHER) fb: sc. spotify: Falcao (LavaLava) fb: ---- IMPORTANT ---- Purchase pre-sale tickets and skip the line! There are two different entry points/queues at the Gozsdu passage, PLEASE USE THE AETHER ENTRANCE/LINE to get the valid wristband to the club! Age limit is 20+ Entry: Presale and before 24:00 - 2000HUF / 7EUR After 24:00 - 3000HUF / 10EUR
  • Sobekin with The Drifter - Flyer front