No One's Watching #4 with Ale Hop / Jylda / Flies+Flies & Famous Eno

  • We return for our first session of 2019 - 3 wonderfully surreal live acts topped off with a serious session of leftfield dancehall heaters, lighting up Dalston venue SET - ‘a cross between the Twin Peaks red lodge and a northern working man’s club’. Ale Hop Peruvian experimental electronic female musician Ale Hop crafts complex pop arrangements with an experimental noise edge, utilizing electronic effects and computer software in order to mutate and reshape her guitar and voice. She won the residence RBMA New York in 2013, where she released her debut album ‘La Guerra Invisible’ and made her first live performance in Boiler Room. We have been a massive fans since hearing her Buh Records album Bodiless earlier this year. When we heard she was currently based in Berlin we thought we just had to get her over as her work embodies a total disregard for boundaries between live electronics, pop and experimental approaches and is basically what we are all about. Jylda Jylda is the moniker electronic pop singer-songwriter Gianna Gehlhar who has recently relocated to London from Berlin. In her productions, she combines playful, experimental and minimalistic elements. Her vocals constantly drift between extremes, from sounding high and soft, sometimes operatic and siren-like on the one hand, and keen and metallic on the other. We saw her at Paper Dress Vintage a few months ago and everyone was transfixed.. and somehow thought she would fit the Lynchian vibes of the venue SET perfectly. flies+flies Our house band are on a vibe at the moment - each set ramping up the energy levels in their electronic avant-pop with brand new material, reworks of tracks from their 2017 album Spring and sneaking in hints of everything from Cardi B to SHANTI CRISIS. They have new singles ready to go early next year and they have started emitting some captivating live transmissions from their Facebook page. DJS Famous Eno In keeping with our habit of rounding off the night with one of our favourite DJs - we bring you Mixpak affiliate Famous Eno, who’s recent Music for Clubs EP on Swing Ting has been tearing up clubs everywhere with soundsystem-ready weaponry in a range of styles. Pet Rok + DJ PLS Residents playing weird bangers from across the globe.
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  • No One's Watching #4 with Ale Hop / Jylda / Flies+Flies & Famous Eno - Flyer front