uhm... + Cio D'or (Semantica/Prologue, Germany)

  • Uhm…with Guest Dj Cio D'Or (Semantica/Prologue, Germany), Cologne's queen of hypnotic minimalism! Uhm will submerge you in a relaxed atmosphere with dreamcatchers and hippie influenced images, where smoke will lead you to Avalon while the BPM is giving you that hypnotic state of mind which gently becomes more powerful and faster, where you love to hang around and dance with your best friends while sipping affordable drinks. Uhm…derground is subtle and soul-thrilling with resident dj’s Stroppekop, live duo Loop Alley and Nathan Ohm (live-set). Regular: 14,05 (incl. fee) Door sale: 16 euro
  • uhm... + Cio D'or (Semantica/Prologue, Germany) - Flyer front