Papa Loko: Balance with Adelante, Othon, Tigox, Wandson Maxx

  • ADVANCE TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT - THERE WILL BE TICKETS ON THE DOOR - ID REQUIRED!! If there was one cosmic law that holds our world together would be that of Balance. Our universe, the earth and life itself are the result of on an intricate dance between pushing and pulling, attracting and repulsing, giving and taking. Increase one force at the expense of the other and the whole world as we know it will soon crumble! Mystics, alchemists and sages taught of the analogy of the Macrocosm and Microcosm, God and Man, ‘as Above so Below’, pointing us that whatever laws govern the greater universe, govern ourselves also. Balance is as relevant to us as individuals, as is for our universe to keep running. You are probably wondering how can a wild techno night promote the idea of balance. It seems paradoxical but is not; There are two major driving forces operating within us; the power of the heart and the power of the mind or intellect. The first is receptive and feminine in nature and is emotion-centred. The second is active and masculine and is thought-centred. They are both equally important but as our world has gradually become a patriarchal society, we have become increasingly focused on the needs and wants of the intellect. Our heart’s need to nurture, give and support has been overshadowed by our intellect’s will to learn, achieve and gain, often to the expense of everyone else around us and of our environment. From our school years to uni and work, we are constantly geared towards achieving through the use of our minds. There is little space or time for the qualities of the heart to develop and flourish! Papa Loko aims to create this space. Through the hypnotic power of dancing, the higher vibrations of sound, the focus of our intention and our unified field of love, we will have the chance to centre and realign ourselves individually and collectively, creating a pocket of formidable balanced force in an otherwise imbalanced society. As always, it is up to us whether this night will be just a great night or an unforgettable night of ecstasy and inner transformation. Once again, we are honoured to have another UK debut, this time from the Munich duo Adelante. Their highly sophisticated sets bounce between gems of Deep Techno, Afro House and Techno, creating a balanced mix of percussive rhythms and soulful melodies. Co-founders and residents of the Unmuted events and part of the Austrian Musical.Collective, they have performed at the legendary Harry Klein in Munich and festivals such as Starkstrom and Traumfänger. Their first track "Benguela" has been published on the Ibiza based label Haustronaut. Papa Loko’s founder, Othon is known for his transcendent techno sets, his experimental productions and his emotive neoclassical pieces. A composer and a pianist, in addition to a dj & producer, he has performed his music in venues such as the Tate Modern and The Roundhouse (UK) and across Europe. He has created work with Marc Almond, Wolfgang Tillmans, David Michael Tibet/ Current 93 and other influential artists and creatives including shamans from the Amazon rainforest. He is currently completing his first solo piano album, while working on a series of techno & electronica releases. TiGoX’s (Giuseppe Gallo) made his DJ debut at Papa Loko exactly one year ago and since then he has been our regular guest and played in some of the funkiest underground parties in the city. His progressive sound has a warmth, depth and a punch, it is always exciting and is constantly evolving. Wandson Maxx's passion and talent has made him a mainstay in the London underground scene and an integral part of our Loko familia. Whether he is opening, closing or playing at peak time, his sets are crafted to deliver maximum results through his uncompromisingly varied sound. Wandson has been bringing his sets to some of London’s most respected parties and venues. 'Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we are continuing to give the possibility to those who cannot afford to party with us a chance to do it. So, there will be an allocated number of 20 free tickets, which will be given to those of you who are truly not able to pay the minimum £10 advance entry from Resident Advisor (or the £8 early bird). Please let us know by message and we will try to help. Tickets: Advance: £10 (£8 Early Bird) Door: £15 Plus 20 allocated tickets for free entry: Please message us on Facebook if you genuinely cannot afford a ticket Image © JoJoes Art Come as You Are, Leave as You Would Like to Be
  • Papa Loko: Balance with Adelante, Othon, Tigox, Wandson Maxx - Flyer front