Voice with KABUTO

  • ✪ KABUTO (Daze Of Phaze / JP) KABUTO는 수년간 Future Terror, Cabaret Recordings의 레지던트 DJ로 활동하며, 현재 도쿄에서 Daze Of Phaze, LAIR 라는 파티를 주관, 많은 해외 DJ들과 함께 플레이 하고 있다. 유니크한 테크노 / 하우스 음악을 흠 잡을데 없는 믹싱 스킬과 그 만의 그루브로 풀어내는 KABUTO는 최근 Toi Toi Musik, Technique Tokyo - テクニーク, YAY Recordings에서 Podcast 발매하며 매우 많은 분야에서 성공적인 활동을 보여주고 있다. After several years of being resident DJ of Future Terror and Cabaret, KABUTO now organises his own party called Daze Of Phaze, LAIR in Tokyo, and plays alongside many of international acts. He’s been very successful in many fields, exploring unique techno / house music with his groove and solid mixing skills. In recent years, he’s appeared on some podcasts such as ToiToi Musik and Technique Tokyo - テクニーク, YAY Recordings. _______________________________________________ ⌕ DOOR TICKET : BEFORE 1 AM : 15.000 KRW (1 Drink) AFTER 1 AM : 20.000 KRW (1 Drink) _______________________________________________ Contact. (Voice) https://www.facebook.com/voiceseoul +82 10 9061 3280
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