Atlas Electronic 2019

  • AE19: Moving forward Ever since humans as we know them have existed, they have migrated across the globe. This migration started a mere 200,000 years ago from the very continent that nowadays is facing the greatest limitations in its travel capacities: Africa. One can't help but wonder how this has happened, why, and what effects this might have on the continent's cultures. During this year’s edition of Atlas Electronic, which takes place in the picturesque Villa Janna Ecolodge, visitors, artists and programmers alike will come together to explore the topic of mobility in a weekend full of borderless music, arts and talks programming. The emphasis on Atlas Electronic's philosophy of inclusivity is a conscious effort to create a safe space for the marginalized of - all - kinds. By making a reflective effort, the organization hopes to include creators that might otherwise not be able to work their craft, share their ideas or connect with like-minded people. For this reason, Atlas Electronic will also be the first festival in the world to reimburse the visa costs of its visitors. International tickets → Local Moroccan tickets → → buy one ticket and bring a friend for free → RSVP for cash payment via +212 652335459 Partners → Boiler Room / Black Focus Records / Casa Voyager / RE FUSE Magazine / Untitled Duo / African Music Archive / Hivos / Nyege Nyege Find out more about this year's theme, tickets, our program and other exclusive content on In the future, we create together.
  • Atlas Electronic 2019 - Flyer front