Ion Ludwig (DJ set) presented by Diacritic Collective & PW

  • Diacritic Collective & Public Works Present: Ion Ludwig (DJ set- Ugold | Perlon | Trelik) + Petko Nikolov & Chvck (Diacritic Collective) in the Loft. Ion Ludwig, possesses one of those unique stories of starting at such an early age, he was producing electronic music at the age of 17, having then his first release out at 21. Now, over more than 10 years on, his name continues to echo the representation of pure quality music, one which also shows that having a background as a musician certainly contributes greatly to such talent, dedication and wide recognition. Ion Ludwig’s musical influences are very wide and not only have been marked by for instance his early encounters with playing acoustic guitar or African drums but equally, if not more importantly, those acquired by his travels and the exposure to different cultures which contribute as major influences to his work. The true artistic dedication with its attention to detail and beauty are so evident in this piece of work, not only for its wide musical diversity covering jazz, funk, disco, house and techno and its marvelous competency in production skills but also the entire ethos and artistic concept around it which tells us a lot about the artist and his dedication to art in its purest form. He brought intricate and sophisticated minimal house and techno records, picked up by the masters of underground culture.
  • Ion Ludwig (DJ set) presented by Diacritic Collective & PW - Flyer front