Round UP x Resolute - 3 Years of R.U

  • Only once a year we get to celebrate a birthday, celebrate the survival of a project, celebrate the good and the bad we have been put through and survived, celebrate another year that made us stronger. 29th of March 2019 we celebrate all of that and then some, what started as a crazy idea in a small bar developed into a project that has known no limits no bounds have given us some of the best musical moments we could ever wish for. On this day together with the of the the finest promoters in recent years, we're putting up one of the biggest events, with the best line up to date. We've brought in some of our favourites and have an insane venue to go with it. Save the date book your trains/plane tickets and make sure you get to Prague for this.
  • Round UP x Resolute - 3 Years of R.U - Flyer front