The Trilogy Tapes presents... Will Bankhead / Duster Valentine/ Mother

  • TTT / Will Bankhead Starting out as a blog and label in 2008, The Trilogy Tapes have been supplying cassettes and vinyl of everything from noise/drone to techno and dancehall via a space disco sea shanty and a short lived period of ‘outsider house’. Along the way they’ve enlisted Theo Parrish, BUFO, Kassem Mosse, Dean Blunt - pretty much a who’s who of the last 10 years of decent electronic music. The enigmatic figure behind TTT, Will Bankhead, pays his bills designing your favourite records’ sleeves, having worked with Actress, Blawan, Honest Jon’s, Shackleton, Berceuse Heroique, Modern Love, Mo Wax and many more (167 according to ‘cogs). NTS tag his regular show as folk, experimental, noise, industrial, psychedelic rock, leftfield techno, ambient, dub, reggae - moving between the best that each has to offer. DUSTER VALENTINE Duster's most recent piece of vinyl saw him editing disco alongside Hieroglyphic Being for Bercause Heroique and last year he chronicled the history of UK street soul with a mix for TTT. An old head in the Manchester scene, Duster has spent the last decade in countless European cities, settling in Athens where he setup the independent record shop 360. A skim through his backcatalogue and you'll discover a quick stop off on Rush Hour and a series of Chicago indebted house trax 12"s under his real name Paul Bennett. MOTHER Completing the lineup is Rubadub's Mark 'Mother' Maxwell. Working behind the scenes of one of the best record distribution houses in the country we'd wager that Mark knows a thing or two about tunes - his mixes for 12th isle, L.I.E.S. and The Golden Pudel's V I S are surely proof enough, covering all sorts from 140bpm techno through breakbeats and jungle. So there you go, three loose cannons that dedicated their lives to this stuff, all together in one spot.