Sobekin with Tunnelvisions

  • Sobekin - The light in the night The word kin has a double meaning; someone's family member, relative or a tribe. Sobekin is a monthly gathering at Aether where the tribe can connect and share their passion for a sophisticated ethnic-deep-melodic sound. The journey cannot be complete without inviting a distant relative who's proximity is important to us. Online dating could be annoying, but actually it depends on the chosen platform. Raynoor and Emiel started to catch up on Soundcloud not too long time ago and it turned out the distance in taste, talent and space is quite small between them. The success of the Dutch duo based on a unique mixture of ethnic vibes squeezed with indie, rock or progressive elements produced on the highest possible quality in all aspects. Their first super hit "Guava" became a real anthem which creates an instant love-vibe on the floor, followed up by vivid and evocative tunes in a short period of time. Besides sitting in the studio the boys also started to explore the clubs and festivals around the globe, dropping magnificent dj sets and leaving cheerful memories behind. "The Celestial Ritual" album just hit the stores recently, so we'll also celebrate the birth of this brilliant journey into the Tunnelvisions sound. Savor the moment and leave your phone alone! Tunnelvisions (Atomnation, NL) fb: sc: spotify: Dj Sobek (Monaberry, Aether) fb: sc. spotify: Palmfood (Stil Vor Talent, Moblack) fb: sc: spotify: ---- IMPORTANT ---- Purchase pre-sale tickets and skip the line! There are two different entry points/queues at the Gozsdu passage, PLEASE USE THE AETHER ENTRANCE/LINE to get the valid wristband to the club! Age limit is 20+ Entry: Presale and before 24:00 - 2000HUF / 7EUR After 24:00 - 3000HUF / 10EUR
  • Sobekin with Tunnelvisions - Flyer front