Heart Beat presents Markus Suckut// Rekids, Sckt

  • ► INTRO: Markus Suckut, close friend of our good mate Andre Kronert (Heart Beat #8 June 2014) has always impressed us. For one with his productions like his last album on Radioslave's Rekids. Or the quality of his labels like Exile that he runs with the legend Johannes Heil and his own vinyl only label SCKT. And for sure his performances as a DJ, where you can expect a journey from deeper, to dubby, experimental stuff, to techno and more housey stuff. This BoilerRoom Berlin Set from 2014 shows what we are talking about: Click to Watch But for this day 100% Techno on the menu and Suckut will show us how crazy we can get of this grooving sound with just the kick drum and some hi-hats as the king of minimal from the school of Robert Hood. From 9pm onward both the young rising star of Huy Truong & as well as Steffen Sonnenschein will sculpt a sonic dome covering the terrace that will get the crowd on their feet, while rotating and playing back to back, to keep it fresh and enticing. Steffen is one of the new, but familiar faces behind the decks. Under his Techno alias WYAD he banged out the night with Heart Beat and Voiski on November 2017. You'll see more of him in 2018 for sure! Later on, never sure when exactly, the war zone will rage when SUCKUT kicks off in the club space, where Chris Wolter, VJ Erol will support the main man. Welcome to our terror dome!! ►FULL BIO OF MARKUS SUCKUT ALIASES: #., Masuki, Tales Of The Machines LABEL OWNER: SCKT, EXILE (together with Johannes Heil) RECORDING ARTIST ON: Rekids, Stroboscopic Aretfacts, Frozen Border, Horizontal Ground, Figure, Repitch and Mosaic, RESIDENT: Rekids, ODD/EVEN For someone who does not necessarily compose for the dance floor, it is a pleasant side effect how appreciated Markus Suckut’s work actually is in the clubs. His productions are instinctvely groove-focused, there is a continual hypnotic hook in Suckut’s reduced techno. The elements are sparse yet highly effective, the tracks direct but the funk still there. Whether he leans towards more dub or breakbeat oriented productions, his swinging signature groove is always present. German born and based Markus has been producing and DJing since the late 90’s, being a DJ he likens to a storyteller, he prefers longer more embellishing sets. He has built his career on excitement and playfulness, something that has paid of into a rich back catalogue. Since 2009 a discography of over 30 records bears his name - including two full-length albums - 2013’s DNA (Figure) and 2017’s Resist (EXILE). Suckut also runs two imprints; SCKT founded in 2012 and Tales Of The Machines in 2016. The later one created to release more spontaneous live jam recordings, letting the machines have more of a “final say”. MARKUS’ Links RESIDENT ADVISOR https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/markussuckut SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/markussuckut INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/markussuckutofc/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/markussuckutofc DISCOGS https://www.discogs.com/artist/1914722-Markus-Suckut TWITTER https://twitter.com/markussuckut LABEL https://markussuckut.com/category/releases/sckt ▬THE LOCAL STARTERS, SIDE DISHES AND DESSERTS YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CRAVING FOR ▬ ►CHRIS WOLTER Release https://pinkroomrecordsvn.bandcamp.com/releases Mixes https://soundcloud.com/heart-beat-saigon/sets/mixes-chris-wolter-2015-2018 ►HUY TRUONG https://soundcloud.com/huy-tr-ng-th-m ►STEFFEN SONNENSCHEIN https://soundcloud.com/steffensonnenschein
  • Heart Beat presents Markus Suckut// Rekids, Sckt - Flyer front
    Heart Beat presents Markus Suckut// Rekids, Sckt - Flyer back