Tryphème ~ a Party with athe

  • athe is a nomadic party with a love of experimental electronics. We believe in platforming artists who are female, queer or people of colour. We believe in longer sets, lowkey events, intimate parties and healthy, accepting, dances. We hold a Do It Yourfuckingself ethos close to our heart. For our first party we've asked Tryphème, a melodic and delicate producer who sits between electro, shoegaze and synthwave, to play an extended DJ gig after we saw her ethereal set at the Warp/CPU Boiler Room in the early months of this year. She was so good that we want to share her with you. Resident lady blazers Lupini and Bensleia hold it down in the dinnertime hours in full bad taste. athe will also hosting a DJing workshop for womxn on the club set up before the event - you can visit the Facebook event page for more details. It'd be swell to see you there.
  • Tryphème ~ a Party with athe - Flyer front
    Tryphème ~ a Party with athe - Flyer back