Bear'lin Station 12 – Philippe Petit, Ruman & More

  • This is with the ears still burning and our heart still racing that we are pleased to invite you to our next event. This end of the year is hectic for Bear'lin Station, between a showcase in the Czech Republic and another in Berlin the same weekend, we could not leave our public in Valais aside! That's why we've put together an event that will please you. Let's stop talking, let's move on to the artists: Ruma is a Spanish producer living in Berlin. No need for words, music is essential, not the character. You will be surprised... Philippe Petit, a great career and a set that promises to be very sharp. Born in Brussels, the latter's atypical route took him to Chamonix, France, and will travel to Valais after hearing you at our last event during one of his night walks. G. Canela, a newcomer of the Lausanne Techno scene, fell into electronic music more than ten years ago as a hardcore scene enthusiast, sailing between the industrial and breakcore. After years of working his way through muscular party, a need for renewal was felt, and he embarked on what would become his new passion: the mix. Gone is the madness of the pounding of eardrums, G. Canela was quickly attracted by Techno, its industrial sounds, and its powerfully dark side. A crush. The "little" rascals who hide at the bottom of the lineup, you know them well. They have been there since the beginning of the adventure and have given themselves a naughty pleasure in breaking everything. We call Bvkkake. Admit it; you missed them, you quickly get attached to these two... And they missed you too!
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  • Bear'lin Station 12 – Philippe Petit, Ruman & More - Flyer front