Easterndaze x Berlin: Total Black x Exiles x T U

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    Oil Thief, Ciarra Black, Entertainment, FOR., Nullius in Verba, Purgate, Zanias, Luna Vassarotti, Alley Catss, F͇a̹u̼s̚t͌o̲ M̤e̝r͗̍͊cͥi͎e̵r̶, Juhász Tamás, ooo & MA'AM, TELEϟPORT
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  • Oil Thief (live) (Total Black) Zanias (Fleisch) b2b Luna Vassarotti (Instruments of Discipline) Ciarra Black (NoTech) Alley Catss (live) TELEϟPORT (live) (EXILES) Entertainment (Total Black) FOR. (live) (T+U) Nullius in Verba (T+U) Purgate (live debut) (Total Black) F͇a̹u̼s̚t͌o̲ M̤e̝r͗̍͊cͥi͎e̵r̶ (live) (EXILES) Juhász Tamás (live) ooo & MA'AM (live) @ Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99 21:00 8€ (2 rooms) Total Black is a record label presently based in Berlin releasing noise, industrial, power electronics, and experimental music that is frequently organizing events with disparate but complimentary sounds, showcasing artists and associates of the label from across the world. Formed in Montreal, 2012. EXILES is a Budapest-based electronic label featuring all shades of experimental and forward-thinking techno. Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U) is a Berlin-Budapest-Elsewhere based publishing project and cross-disciplinary movement. T+U mediates between cultural technologies within the context of post-digitality and tries to contaminate para-academic thinking with artistic tactics. The concert & film screening series Easterndaze × Berlin: DIY Music Topographies brings together music collectives from Eastern Europe and pairs each of them with groups from Berlin’s diverse DIY scenes in the name of collective spirit and communal effort. Collectives featured include Intruder Alert (Warsaw), Muscut (Kiev), Exiles & T+U (Budapest), Care of Editions (Berlin), Room 4 Resistance (Berlin), Total Black (Berlin), as well as an A/V Performance by Christoph De Babalon (Berlin) and WIDT (Warsaw). The music events occur November 28-Dec 1 (various locations) and the accompanying film program will be presented at Soundwatch Berlin Music Film Festival Nov 7-16 at Lichtblick-Kino.
  • Easterndaze x Berlin: Total Black x Exiles x T U - Flyer front