Room for Rebellion: Femme Culture & M.Bootyspoon

  • Want to support the fight for abortion rights in Northern Ireland? Here's your chance.
  • ROOM FOR REBELLION #NOWFORNI Femme Culture Ludo b2b Elkka & M.Bootyspoon Room for Rebellion returns, following the monumental referendum to repeal the 8th amendment in Ireland, to continue the fight for abortion rights in Northern Ireland. Fundraising for Northern Irish pro-choice organisation Alliance for Choice and the small but vital charity Abortion Support Network, Room for Rebellion has teamed up with Femme Culture to bring head honchos Ludo and ELKKA to play alongside Canadian LuckyMe affiliate M. Bootyspoon on the November 30 at the Glove that Fits, Hackney. femme culture is a London-based record label and collective founded in 2016, born out of the desire to champion women in the arts and push forward-thinking music. Founded by DJ and producer Elkka and now run alongside DJ Ludo, femme culture stands for inclusivity among all genders, backgrounds and beliefs, and actively promotes collaboration in all fields. Earlier this year, femme culture dropped an expansive collaborative compilation with HeForShe to celebrate gender equality, and Elkka recently released her stomping new EP Full Circle. Supporting femme culture on the night is the living, breathing, algorithmic persona M.Bootyspoon. His debut EP on Fractal Fantasy, Silk Eternity, propels the idea of stripped-back ghetto house and grimy, rave-infused club bangers into a contemporary context without trimming the phat. When DJing, his ethos spills out from behind the decks to provide an infectiously energetic experience. This week, campaign groups from Northern Ireland have been pushing British MPs to vote in an amendment that would put pressure on bringing abortion rights and equal marriage to NI. With no working government, the people of Northern Ireland continue to be treated like second class citizens. Yesterday’s (October 24) vote on the amendment passed, but it still has to be put through the House of Lords. It would require the government and secretary of state to address the human rights violations in NI – there is no ‘real life impact’ just yet. People in NI are still travelling to access abortion care, and face life imprisonment for accessing abortion at home. All eyes and voices must remain on the fight for free, safe, legal, local abortion services! Room for Rebellion supports local activists and groups pressing for total body autonomy and the decriminalisation of abortion. Around 7 women and pregnant people a day are still travelling and having medical abortions in secret. We hope you can join us for a night of angry dancing with a purpose. £5 all night long xx