Body Meta Feat. DJ Sotofett

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    DJ Sotofett (Sex Tags Mania / WANIA) ∞ Exclusive 6 Hours Set ∞ AKIRAM EN B2B Diskomo ♨︎ Warm Up DJ × Live Session ♨︎
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  • Nope, that's not a typo. Six hours of Sotofett playing nothing but his own unreleased music. Totally ridiculous and absolutely unmissable.
  • 本年の日本巡業において、DJ Sotofettは自身の未発表作品”のみ”をプレーします。全てのギグは、これまで貴方が耳にしたことのない未発表の作品及びリミックスと一緒にあるでしょう! On this years Japan Tour DJ Sotofett will ONLY play his own unreleased productions. All the gigs will be with unreleased productions & remixes never heard before! * Advance ticket available on RA (limited 30)
  • Body Meta Feat. DJ Sotofett - Flyer front