Norm Talley at Phonobar with Chvck

  • The Detroit house staple's career arc is slow and steady, with his excellent debut album, Norm-a-lize, coming just last year. He's learned a thing or two over three-plus decades DJing, so come get schooled by a master of warm, soulful house.
  • It is an immense honor for us at Phonobar to be hosting Norm Talley in December. Norm is a true originator as a DJ and a prolific producer straight from the motor city, Detroit. He's been at this game longer than almost anyone, and doing it better than most. Norm has been digging for and playing records on Technics 1210 Turntables since they were invented and probably longer than you've been alive. As a producer he's got tracks out on Omar S's FXHE, Rue de Plaisance, Third Ear, Rotary Cocktail, Soiree, among numerous others. You better believe he’s bringing fat stacks of wax with him for this one. Unlike most parties in this city we let DJs play what others would call "extended sets", but for us 3 hours or more is de rigueur. Expect Norm to go the distance and flex that Detroit muscle along the way.
  • Norm Talley at Phonobar with Chvck - Flyer front