Perspektiva Genesis with Jessica Diaz

  • Welcome to the first episode of perspektiva. This new project will encompass several different factors. It will open up as a blooming flower in spring - going into the winter darkness of the club season. For now, it is too early to tell you all the details. It takes time for a newborn to acclimate. Our first guest is Jessica Diaz from Argentina. Her work speaks for itself, she produced incredible songs, never stopping, with a firm vision. Recently she has established her residency at the infamous RED58 in Barcelona. There are very few people on this globe being able to explore that secret space present in the very deep region of frequencies - she is surely one of them. You will hear more info about her before the event, when the time is right. Hope to see many of you present at the her debut performance in Budapest.
  • Perspektiva Genesis with Jessica Diaz - Flyer front