• Jam City is a London based producer and songwriter. His 2 albums Classical Curves and Dream A Garden have received critical acclaim at home & abroad. Recently he has lent his forward-thinking productions, razor-sharp edges & unmistakeable pop melodies to artists such as Kelela, Joji & Bad Gyal. DJ Haram is a queer producer and DJ originally from New Jersey, currently based in Philadelphia. Stylistically versatile, she throws down for Jersey, Philly, and Baltimore with club and booty bounce sets but also has been known to pay homage to her roots in the tradition of Middle Eastern dance music and of DIY noise and experimental sound. In Philly, Haram curates a few nights; a legal fundraiser party series (f)LAWLESS, a monthly live/DIY hip hop night ‘Gas’, and a monthly radio program RAGE RADIO on 91.7FM. Her recent tour highlight performances include Unsound Dislocation Cruise Krakow, De School Amsterdam, Creamcake Berlin, Razzmatazz Barcelona, Paradox Baltimore, GHE2OG0TH1K New York City, Club Chai Oakland, Drake Hotel Toronto, Ableton Loop, and Vice Arabia. Nazar's Hyperdub debut, the 6 track Enclave EP is set for release on the November 16th 2018. Enclave reflects upon Nazar’s tumultuous journey honouring the unnamed dead and piecing together Angola’s violent past in order to make sense of it's present. Nazar has his own unique take on Angola’s Kuduro music. His lyrics focus on guerrilla warfare, the experiences of his family with chanting and taunts against the dictatorship, alongside war sounds like cocking guns, airstrike swooshes and swells of noise. Nazar calls this ‘Rough Kuduro,’ a term he coined through a hashtag on his soundcloud page. It also represents a mental safe zone that he carries close to him wherever he goes - a reminder that in spite of airstrikes and whatever else may stand in the way, cities can be built anywhere when hope for a better future remains. Installation Ayesha Hameed - Black Atlantis Black Atlantis is a live audio-visual essay that looks at possible afterlives of the Black Atlantic: in contemporary illegalized migration at sea, in oceanic environments, through Afrofuturistic dancefloors and soundsystems, and in outer space. Black Atlantis combines two conversations - afrofuturism and the anthropocene. It takes as point of departure Drexciya, the late 20th century electronic music duo from Detroit, and their creation of a sonic, fictional world. Through liner notes and track titles, Drexciya take the Black Atlantic below the water with their imaginary of an Atlantis comprised of former slaves who have adapted to living underwater. This wetness brings to the table a sense of the haptic, the sensory, the bodily, and the epidermal. What below-the-water, and Atlantis brings back is the bottom of the sea, the volume of the water, the materiality of the space of the ocean, and other protagonists that inhabit the sea. This third instalment ‘The End of Eating Everything’// Black Atlantis III follows a monstrous form of consumption underwater, considering what Drexciyans might consume underwater, what things are consuming each other around them and what boundaries might be eroded between the what’s and the who’s of what is being eaten.
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