Unbound presents: Skee Mask, Bruce, Afrodeutsche, DJ Winggold & More

  • A night of broken rhythms and novel sonics as three distinctive artists come together at The Cause. Skee Mask's hazy breakbeat will be complemented by Bruce's fractured weighty techno and Afrodeutsche's Drexciyan-inspired electro.
  • Following our unbelievable birthday bonanza for Killekill's 10 year anniversary with Radioactive Man, Neil Landstrumm and Forest Drive West, we're rounding off our first full year in existence in true style. Come and join our last event of the year as we take you on a journey through sound. xx SKEE MASK [ILIAN TAPE] Ilian Tape's secret weapon needs no introduction but, for those of you somehow sleeping on him, the enigmatic wunderkid has released two critically acclaimed LPs in the form of 2016's 'Shred' and this year's breathtaking 'Compro'. Both albums are masterpieces featuring a focus on airy, crystal clear sound design and intricate, shifting drum patterns. In addition to these modern classics, he has a slew of on-point EPs which further expand his sound. Drawing on the broken beats that influence his sound, his DJ sets are the thing of legend. Effortlessly weaving between ethereal house, jungle, grime, techno and so so much more, Skee Mask fits the Unbound mould perfectly. He's one of our favourite artists EVER so it's an honour to have him play for us. BRUCE [HESSLE AUDIO / TIMEDANCE] The Bristol-based don first burst onto the scene on Livity Sound and, in four short years, he's made a huge impact with releases on Hessle Audio, Timedance, Idle Hands and Hemlock. Bruce's tracks feature crystalline sound design but also deftly play around with space and silence, keeping the listener on their toes and unaware of the surprises around each corner. After a string of impeccable EPs, his debut album 'Sonder Somatic' is due to be released on Hessle Audio in late October and is set to thrust him to new heights in the dance music world. A collection of tracks indebted to the UK bass music continuum, the album sees him expanding his sound further than ever. He's one of our favourite human beings on the planet so we can't wait to see what he delivers with his idiosyncratic genre-spanning set. AFRODEUTSCHE - DJ SET [SKAM / NTS RADIO] Henrietta Smith-Rolla is a British born Ghanaian/Russian/German composer, producer and DJ based in Manchester. Her style sees her merging Drexciyan sounds with visceral UK techno and an assortment of broken beats to thrilling effect. Her rise in the underground music scene has been rapid, with her monthly NTS show allowing her to tirelessly carve out her own forward-thinking niche. Come and catch her before everyone else cottons on. DJ WINGGOLD [UNBOUND] The signature sound of Unbound founder DJ Winggold is one heavily inspired by Afrofuturism, leading to a heady concoction of raw, African infused psychedelic vibes. Channeling the spirit of OG Detroit techno and blending it with global polyrhythms to make something utterly new, his style goes hand in hand with that of Afrodeutsche's. DJ PARAMEDIC & DR. BLOWFIN [UNBOUND] The ever-dependable Unbound residents are true music connoisseurs, with a stupendous knowledge of numerous disparate musical genres. Their sets see them criss-crossing all across the musical spectrum, classily mixing together techno, electro, EBM, italo, 80s pop, house and so much more
  • Unbound presents: Skee Mask, Bruce, Afrodeutsche, DJ Winggold & More - Flyer front