Marcus Intalex Music Foundation

  • Friends and family of the late producer launch The Marcus Intalex Music Foundation to support young artists and producers with help from Martyn, Scuba and more.
  • On behalf of Marcus’ friends and family, welcome to the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation (MIMF) . MIMF is a platform to support and nurture talent in many aspects of music development and the culture that surrounds it. One of Marcus’ greatest passions was to encourage and guide aspiring music talent , as well as pass on the knowledge he himself acquired over the course of his long-standing and successful career. His importance to the Manchester music scene cannot be overstated, and as an extension of that, the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation aims to continue working in this spirit. From workshops and studio sessions, to seminars and events; we will host and facilitate a series of programming for people to explore, learn and immerse themselves in everything we love about music and the people we admire. For now, we kick off with a little taster from some good friends and a nod to the man himself under his Trevino alias. All proceeds from this event will go towards raising money for the foundation and forthcoming programming in 2019. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.
  • Marcus Intalex Music Foundation - Flyer front