Tokyo DUB Attack

  • Venue
    • 1-34-17 Ebisunishi, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0021, Japan
  • Date
    30 Dec 2018
    Sun 17:00 - Mon 23:00
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    • 4
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    3 Soundsystem Sessions by : SCORCHER Hi Fi (STICKO & COJIE of Mighty Crown) with Sound System Bim One Production feat. MC JA-GE with eastaudio Soundsystem Dub Meeting Osaka (SAK-DUB-I, HIROSHI and DUB KAZMAN) with 最高音響Soundsystem
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  • The three ruff and tuff soundsystem session at Unit Daikanyama, “Tokyo Dub Attack” will open a new dimension of Japanese soundsystem culture in the end of 2018. Jamaican born, UK rised soundsystem culture became worldwide. Each crew design and build speaker boxes and equip amps, a pre-amp and any other gears to maximize its musical power and bass. In soundsystem, people have full body musical experience which not only make them euphoric, but also discard their worries and to lose themselves in the music and by doing so cast off the mental shackles from their mind and the yolk from around their shoulders, find yourself and bring unity at the dance floor. Tokyo Dub Attack features three heavyweight soundsystems playing dub and roots music held in the heart of Tokyo Unit Daikanyama. Scorcher Hi Fi ( STICKO & COJIE of Mighty Crown ) is the Roots/Dub team from the original Japanese Dancehall crew Mighty Crown crew brings it’s legendary soundsystem to Unit. Bim One Production who boasts “world class soundsystem music” teams up with notorious Eastaudio Soundsystem which provides real bass pressure to either industrial festivals or Reggae and Dub dances. An emerging Dub event and crew Dub Meeting Osaka ( Sak-Dub I, HIROSHI and Dub Kazman ) joins forces with infamous Saiko Onkyo 最高音響 Soundsystem to emphasis the heaviness in bass. Bass, drums, echo, sirens, dubplates and vibes, everything the dance will be serious. Do not miss it! CHARGE : Adv 2,800yen / Door 3,300yen (共にドリンク代別) ※再入場不可 ※小学生以上有料/未就学児童無料(保護者同伴の場合に限る) TICKET : >>早割先行 : 10/6(SAT)〜10/20(SUN) ※枚数限定 ぴあ早割先行 特別価格 2,000yen (ドリンク代別) >>一般販売 : 11/3(SAT) on sale チケットぴあ 0570-02-9999 [P] 131-788 ローソン 0570-084-003 [L] 72780 e+ >>STORE 代官山UNIT 03-5459-8630 RAGGA CHINA 045-651-9018 diskunion 渋谷クラブミュージックショップ 03-3476-2627 diskunion 新宿クラブミュージックショップ 03-5919-2422 diskunion 下北沢クラブミュージックショップ 03-5738-2971 diskunion 吉祥寺 0422-20-8062 DISC SHOP ZERO 090-7412-5357  Dub Store Record Mart 03-3364-5251 UP DOWN RECORDS INFO : 代官山UNIT : 03-5459-8630 主催 : TOKYO DUB ATTACK 協力 : Mighty Crown Entertainment / Global Dub Session / 代官山UNIT
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