Pure Immanence Xxvii

  • A strong cast of adventurous locals will play their spookiest sets for this special Halloween edition of Pure Immanence.
  • pure immanence xxvii ~~ALL HOMIES HALLOWEEN NIGHT~~ 7PM–10PM: extended HORROR HOUR by Michael Sherburn 10PM–11:15PM: Pure Immanence 11:15PM–12:15AM: Heidi Sabertooth (live) 12:15AM–1:30AM: VVEISS Weiss Nix 1:30AM–2:45AM: Via App 2:45AM–4AM: Katie Rex "The anomalous is neither an individual nor a species; it has only affects, it has neither familiar or subjectified feelings, nor specific or significant characteristics. Human tenderness is as foreign to it as human classifications. Lovecraft applies the term "Outsider" to this thing or entity, the Thing, which arrives and passes at the edge, which is linear yet multiple, 'teeming, seething, swelling, foaming, spreading like an infectious disease, this nameless horror...'" -Deleuze & Guattari, from "Becoming-Intense, Becoming-Animal, Becoming-Imperceptible..."
  • Pure Immanence Xxvii - Flyer front
    Pure Immanence Xxvii - Flyer back