Towards Collapse

  • Like that obsolete piece of technology you swear you chucked in a skip months ago but has inexplicably showed back up in your house, Towards Collapse is back! Setting up it's bric-a-brac stall of dysfunctional and put-you-on-a-downer sounds at SET, the CRT massive aim to bring you a night of outdated media set to a soundtrack that'll bring all the fly-tipped fridges in London back from the dead. Your local reprobates for the night will be: UKAEA (Extreme Ultimate/Pale Master) Aiming to leather it like a backstreet tanner after a day's worth of huffing fumes in the workshop, the cycle-king of the techno scene comes to Towards Collapse intent on ragging the shit out of it. TORN RELICS (Romek + Aimee Mullen) Industrial gloom creeping up your spine, intent on reminding you that at some point recently you committed the worst of social faux pas. Torn Relics supply enough existential dread to get any party started. FROST AND MALONE (Throne of Bael Records) The sort of abstract improv electronics guaranteed to make your Mum question your music taste. Expect a freeform sonic assault the likes of which will put you in a right tiz. LYDIA MUSONIC (Cybercrud) Best noise girl makes a heckin bit of the old loud and moody. Described variously as the rudegirl of the ASMR world and London's best concrete mixer based musician, anything might happen. MEDALLION MAN (Loose Lips/199Radio) Loose Lips and 199 Radio head honcho bringing something a bit different from usual. I'm excited to see what he's gonna pull out the bag and you should be as well yeah!? DJ BIN FETISH (Towards Collapse/VPA) Towards Collapse's resident dickhead back once again with ideas above his station.
  • Towards Collapse - Flyer front
    Towards Collapse - Flyer back