Full Pupp & Internasjonal pres. Ekstravaganza

  • For a country with a population of less than 5 million, Norway has been punching well above its weight in musical terms for the past few years. Perhaps fuelled by their long winter nights, Norwegian DJs and producers have been at the forefront of the recent cosmic disco revival and 10 minute long blissed out remixes now probably vie with oil as the country’s chief export. One of the driving forces behind all this has been the bearded figure of Prins Thomas, sometime Lindstrøm collaborator and the man behind the rather excellent Full Pupp and Internasjonal labels. Tonight, oh lucky us, Thomas lands in the UK to launch Ekstravaganza, his new London residency at Corsica Studios. Bringing with him the best that his country has to offer, DJs and producers such as Bjørn Torske and Blackbelt Andersen, and joining forces with talent from around the world, in tonight’s case Britons Mark E, The Revenge, and the Warm Resident DJs, Thomas’ Ekstravaganza has found the perfect home in Corsica Studios warehouse like space, the ideal location to explore the psychedelic outer fringes of disco music.
  • Full Pupp & Internasjonal pres. Ekstravaganza - Flyer front