Black Kat & Toxic Official ADE 2018 Meet & Greet

  • The Amsterdam Dance Event [ADE] is a leading electronic music platform, that is one of the reasons that Black Kat Label and Toxic Entertainment China, have chosen Saturday, October 20th as a boost of what this two talented teams are all about. Black Kat is one of the rising labels in the USA, with a very specific and clear goal, bring quality music, creative, unique but most importantly focus on quality then quantity and with solid releases from artist like GAGA, DINO MAGGIORANA, ERIC SNEO, DURTYSOXXX, THE REACTIVITZ, CHRISTIAN HORNBOSTEL and many more true talents. Lets not forget amazing works of label bosses TEKNOIZE and FELO RUEDA who pride on creativity and experience to the electronic music scene and how important it is to build and choose right family where its all about the Music and less politics. Music YES is about celebration but it’s a platform to propose new things and enhance the real value of Techno music, for this reason they have teamed up with one of the Lead Promoter, Booker and Organizer in China, Toxic Entertainment, to connect and build a bridge of talented artists between East and the West. Toxic Entertainment – have been in a Brand in China for more than 5 years, collaborating with festivals like INTRO, YINYANG, GREATWALL and EPIZODE Vietnam, also bringing international artist to China such as Urulu, Ata, Mark Reeve, Eric Sneo, Nakadia, The YellowHeads, Alex Bau, D-Unity, Tijana T, Truncate, Drumcell, Locked Groove, Stiv Hey, Skober, Yan Cook, John Aquaviva, and many more. The connection and the family union of this two cool KATZ, resulted in nothing less that there first ADE official collaboration at The Venue "50:HERTZ Techno Café" hosting 16 artists from Europe, America, and China, artists like CHRISTIAN HORNBOSTEL, STIV HEY, Support means already that this guys are on the right track. Be sure to open your sense and experience a new reality, a new understanding how music and teams should work, a gather where there is no borders or division, just music As only tool to connect for a better future.
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  • Black Kat & Toxic Official ADE 2018 Meet & Greet - Flyer front
    Black Kat & Toxic Official ADE 2018 Meet & Greet - Flyer back