Mister Halloween Night

  • ADVANCE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT FOR THIS EVENING. WE'LL STILL HAVE SOME ON THE DOOR, BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY PLAN TO COME DOWN RIGHT AROUND THE TIME DOORS OPEN IF YOU WANNA TRY TO GET THOSE TICKETS. ALSO: BRING AN UMBRELLA AND WEAR SOMETHING WARM! IT'S WET AND COLD, AND THERE MAY BE A LINE. : / IF YOU CAN'T COME AND WOULD LIKE TO RESELL YOUR TICKETS YOU CAN ONLY DO IT THROUGH RA'S RESALE PLATFORM. CHECK THE COMMENT THREAD BELOW ON DIRECTIONS FROM RA ON HOW TO DO THAT. IF YOU'RE TRYING TO BUY TICKETS FROM THE RESALE QUEUE, JUST KNOW THAT TICKETS APPEAR AS NORMAL TICKETS FOR SALE WHEN THEY'RE UPLOADED INTO THE RESALE QUEUE. YOU'LL WANNA REFRESH THIS PAGE EVERY NOW AND AGAIN TO SEE IF SOMEONE HAS POSTED TICKETS. THAT'S ALL FOR OUR ALL CAPS SCREED! WE'LL SEE YOU TONIGHT HOPEFULLY! _/_/_/_/_/_/_/ Nighttime, indoors, warm drinks, cold drinks, fire pits out back, costumes (no slacking), lights by Nitemind and dope jams by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter. It’s Mister Halloween Night. _/_/_/_/_/_/_/ Because of the weather forecast, we're moving our big Saturday Halloween party indoors at Nowadays. Assuming it's not raining, we'll still set up the fire pits and hot toddies and keep the back yard open for the hang, so no big loss there, BUT moving the party inside means we're almost surely gonna sell out. We'll hold some tickets on the door for walk-ups, but the wise move is to get tickets in advance. It's essential that you wear a costume on Saturday, and it's essential that you follow the rules of the house, which you can find in a link to the right. The party goes from 6pm to midnight, but, lucky you, once you're in the doors for our dance, you can stick around for FNV, who'll be taking over the decks at midnight and going until at least 6am. (Wear comfortable shoes.) We're looking forward to seeing you on the floor. Until then, be well and stay safe.
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