Tresor Meets Deep In The Box

  • Catch Cab Drivers and Dana Ruh showing off their collections of killer loops on one of Berlin's best soundsystems.
    a neuschulz
  • Slices Of Life is celebrating the two-part vinyl compilation SOL10.1 and SOL10.2 at TRESOR´s Globus floor, November 17th 2018! The November 2018 edition of DEEP IN THE BOX is dedicated to the 10th release on Barbara Preisinger´s label SLICES OF LIFE. We are looking forward to celebrating the 2-part vinyl compilation SOL10.1 and SOL10.2 with DJ sets by: CAB DRIVERS DJ TEAM („A Complex Situation“ on SOL10.2), DANA RUH („Out of ADA20“ on SOL10.1), OSCAR SCHUBAQ („K-Beat on SOL10.2) and label owner BARBARA PREISINGER. For the 10th release Barbara Preisinger has gathered seven unreleased tracks by previous Slices Of Life artists as well by producers who have a relationship to the label through frindship, events and personal support. Each track presents the personal unique style of its producer, but all have a feeling for warm sounding organic house grooves in common, what SLICES OF LIFE stands for since the beginnings in 2009. Tracklisting SOL10.1: A1: THE MOLE – Come On Kid (06:15) A2: BAAZ – Fitzy (05:35) B1: DANA RUH – Out Of ADA20 (06:38) B2: JOHN TEJADA – How I Used To (05:29) Release Date: SEPTEMBER 28TH 2018 Tracklisting SOL10.2: A: CAB DRIVERS – A Complex Situation (7:36) B1: OSCAR SCHUBAQ – K Beat (7:25) B2: DJ DEEP – Spices Of Life (06:45) Release Date: NOVEMBER 9TH 2018 Link to the music of SOL10.1 and SOL10.2:
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