Sweat Lodge 12 x Blank

  • A solid crew of house and techno DJs join forces.
  • Tickets At The Door Sweat Lodge are back at About Blank on Saturday January 19th for their annual event celebrating 12 years of the agency. The event will take place over 3 floors introducing new roster members, Yogg & Pharaoh, Dauwd, Underspreche, Manamana, and Neele as well as unique B2B sets with Jamaica Suk & Oliver Deutschmann and Baikal & Nuno Dos Santos plus a further blend of Techno, House and Electronica. MDF Pharaoh & Yogg (Parallax) Cassegrain (Arcing Seas) Inland Live (A-TON) Baikal (Maeve) B2B Nuno Dos Santos (SoHaSo) Jamaica Suk (Gradient) B2B Oliver Deutschmann (Mote-Evolver) Lobby Manamana (KANN) Underspreche Hybrid DJ Set (Optimo Trax) Mattheis (Nous'klaer Audio) Dauwd (Ninja Tune) Tent SBTH (Lossless) Iron Curtis (Tamed Musiq) B2B Neele (IFZ) Chymera Live (Maeve) Locked Groove (Hotflush)