Red Bull Music presents Benjamin Damage [Live]

  • Benjamin Damage has, over the past few years, built himself a reputation as a master of deep electronics. The Welsh techno wunderkind’s non-purist approach to techno produces an energy and emotion rarely found in modern electronic music. Fresh off the back of a huge Sonar anniversary live-set, the Welsh-born Damage returns to India after four years to play a three-city LIVE tour, with Mumbai on the 12th of October. Damage’s productions are a balancing act between his UK roots and darker, Berlin-inspired sounds. While his music has retained traces of his UK roots, he’s moved firmly into the techno sphere, balancing melodic anthems against dark, industrial-tinged efforts, mixing ferociousness with melody like no one before. Kini, Folic State, and dotdat will join Damage as support acts. Tickets available at the venue.
  • Red Bull Music presents Benjamin Damage [Live] - Flyer front