The Next Wave - SCION Emerging Artists Tour

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    Performances by the 2005 Audience Award-winning DJs Noah Deep & Aaron Eve (Denver), Toddy B (Austin), Mili Sefic (Chicago), David Carvalho (San Francisco), Groovefire (Boston), Atomic Mike (Los Angeles), Champa Moore (Houston), and Swerve (Phoenix/Scottsdale).
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  • The only all-inclusive dance party on South Beach! These DJs are the next wave of stars discovered through a nationwide search during the 2005 Tour. Emerging Artists Tour parties have lived up to their reputation of being the nightlife melting pot nationwide with no pretenses and no velvet ropes while providing a memorable night out, shared with fun people and the best entertainment. Join all of us for this free party at the Betsy Ross Hotel on Thursday, March 23rd from 9pm – 2am.