Kamai & Friends #5

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    San Ima (Broken Bossa) - live concert- Just Emma (Underyourskin) Batu Ozer (Urban Cosmonaut Radio, Istanbul) Baba Sikander (Lump Records) Mirmur (Pure Lust, Budapest) Bonfante (Kamai) Majim - live set - Robin Schellenberg (Klunkerkranich, Kamai) Lütt Matten (Kamai)
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  • Kamai is a one of the new labels in the Downtempo and Organic genre that is talking all the attention in Berlin´s electronic scene. Fresh new talents, hidden treasures and established names from the scene find together in their parties. Secret tip: if you come around 18PM, you´ll get one of the most amazing sunsets of the city with a skyline view from the rooftop at Klunkerkranich. On the 4th october, the line-up is state of the art: San Ima and Majim will add their live performances and concerts to spice up the night! On the DJ side finest acts: Batu Ozer and Mirmur are coming extra from abraod to play at the Kamai & Friends party. The Just Emma duo is one of most respected acts in the downtempo scene, Baba Sikander will deliver the faster gear from the party and Robin Schellenberg, Matti Lütt and Bonfante from the Kamai crew, will complete the 5 star menu!
  • Kamai & Friends #5 - Flyer front