Bear'lin Station 11 – Somewhen with Alphabet, Kosmonauts & Andrejko

  • We don't mess around for this party and you know it! The evening we are most proud of will open on October 13. We take Bear'lin Station to the next level by doing a big party the old-fashioned way; you got it? With a line up of outstanding guests from Berlin, Tel Aviv and Zurich, we are making a significant impact. We take care of the music, and you come and pack the Cercle and Octave dance floor os that both clubs become one. Deal? As for our birthday party, we conquer both floors of the club, you will find us at the Octave, and Le Cercle will be taken over by the Kosmonauts! Somewhen began his musical career with drums and piano, then ventured into the world of hip-hop. It is after an experience as a sound engineer that he turned to the music that we cherish so much. In 2014, he impressed everyone with his track "Kobalt" which opened the doors of the Berghain where he is now a resident. More than a DJ, Somewhen also owns his label SANA, which represents his vision of music, strong in character and musically complex. Remember to bring a helmet and safety glasses... Andrejko masters the vibe, energy, and feelings of his audience when mixing. A simple but mastered approach to techno has made him a rising star on the Berlin scene. His closing sets in the pool of his former club, Stattbad, have become a real institution. Andrejko represents a new generation of DJs with a post-modern approach to music, as mentioned above, simple without being monotonous. Let's now move on to our guests from the Middle East: E-Bony aka Naor Dayan, from a tough neighborhood in Tel Aviv, was quickly absorbed by the roar of downtown clubs. It was then that he discovered electronic music to which he dedicated his life. Thanks to his work, he obtained a residency at the Alphabet Club for which he produced sets combining several subgenres of techno, the experience is hypnotic and powerful. Although passionate about music, Alex Levin is also a fan of video games. These two flames combined to give birth to a techno in the form of a roller coaster, repetition and contrast cooperate. This unique approach has allowed him to become a resident of the Alphabet Club for which he plays at the famous PAG parties. No need to introduce him to you anymore, our resident Ermatik has loved music since he was a child. It is the techno that animates his Saturdays evenings as well as his heart. He spends much time producing his favorite genre and experimenting with the musical style in various aspects, which translate into sets that only he has the secret. Marc Feldmann's bio leaves no room for doubt; we are dealing with a music lover. He has been feeding this love since he was a child. It was precisely at the age of 13 that he received his first MK. From that moment on, he never let go of her, and you can hear it! Adri & Frenzi have been exploring the universe since they began their friendship in 2014. Their mission: to make you dance all night long! We can assure you that you will like both of them, their symbiosis is worthy of a couple married for 40 years, we would almost shed a tear!
  • Bear'lin Station 11 – Somewhen with Alphabet, Kosmonauts & Andrejko - Flyer front