Finely Tuned presents Michel Cleis & Kim

  • FINELY TUNED presents. MICHEL CLEIS & KIM (presets) MICHEL CLEIS (rekids, buzzin fly, cadenza) Michel Cleis is a Hedonist. It maybe comes from his native surrounding, the fairyland look-alike view that you get around Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, where he spent his childhood. He grew up with soul music and jazz and up kept his eclecticism by opening up to rock. As solo artist, Michel Cleis just released his over demanded first solo EP on Cadenza records / Strictly Rhythm. For sure you have heard La Mezcla in the last few months, as the track is played by a lot of different artists in the house scene. At long last, Michel Cleis' La Mezcla arrives to the world at large after a huge success at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. A runaway hit that spent much of last year chasing an endless summer from Europe's August open-airs to South America's December beachside bacchanals. KIM (presets, modular) You may, or rather should have met Kimberley Isaac Moyes through his role in the classic dance dandy duo THE PRESETS. Aside from holding it down producing and playing some of the most electrifying modern dance music in recent years with his brother in arms Julian Hamilton, Kim has all the while been quietly toiling away on an array of wondrous solo experiments that have slowly seen release in limited and eclectic fashion. His national Tour starts end of October but us lucky folk at Finely Tuned have pulled the magic card out allowing you cats a sneak preview .. Prepare to be amazed .. THE LOIN BROTHERS (future classic) The LOIN BROTHERS are Long John Saliva and PARADISE LOST's DJ Silvio... rumored to have been raised in the backroom of a Sydney leather club on a diet of strobe lighting, throbbing sub bass and lube. Fuzz guitar and exotic synthesizers make up the loins musical arsenal, combined with a penchant for pork spare ribs and heavy petting. Their recently released debut single "Heavy Helmet" on Sydney's Future Classic label, features a remix from DFA's Mock & Toof. Some say that when their skin is exposed to light it quickly turns into a hard leathery armour not unlike a reptiles... The line-up also includes..... | Bump DJs | Garry Todd | Defined by Rhythm | Chris Combe | ADSMB | Disco Not Disco | Better Days | Nick McMartin | Tom Cooper | Oh and did we mention the new sound-system? Or the new visuals? Or that there is another major International that will be playing and we will announce on the night? You know you want to.
  • Finely Tuned presents Michel Cleis & Kim - Flyer front
    Finely Tuned presents Michel Cleis & Kim - Flyer back