Meduza Pacific Sea Nettle

  • Venue
    Loft Hall #2
    • улица Ленинская Слобода, 26c11, Moscow, Russia, 115280
  • Date
    3 Nov 2018
    Sat 23:59 - Mon 06:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 415
  • Meduza Pacific Sea Nettle Party No. 31, which will take place in the already familiar to the city of M. mansion from which it is not so easy to find a way out. The tentacles of the enveloping atmosphere of emotions and comfort will take you to 2 full nights with a warm terrace. All the must-have components of a high-quality party: deep sound, chill labyrinth and favorite local residents. At the disposal of the Romanian and Berlin musicians there are 3 dance floors, one of which, merging with a multi-format visual exposition, will make this night unforgettable. Meduza FC 21+
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