Sublimate: Fifth Anniversary

  • You know you've got a good thing going when your party has a family vibe, and that's exactly what Sublimate achieved over the last five years. They'll pull out all the stops for their anniversary.
  • Sublimate is back with a special party marking our fifth anniversary, Friday, November 9th. We are psyched to host two queer femme DJs Amanda Mussi & Dee Diggs. Amanda Mussi aka ‘queen of São Paulo techno' is guaranteed to make you jack. She’s been killing it on her home turf as founder of Dûsk over the past 4 years. We also couldn’t be more happy to host Dee Diggs from Boston. She is unapologetically black, queer, & femme. Her sets, adventurous, energetic, seductive and rapturous spanning multiple genres. ‘Nuff said.  Faso aka Jason Fellows - one of our first residents, is making a special appearance to kick the party in high gear. Sublimate all stars Turtle Bugg, Chung & Sagotsky are down for a special collaborative set. ‘Sublimate Sound System’ is officially a thang. We will be going all out, bringing lighting maestro Kip Davis onboard to fully transform the space and dazzle you. And of course SubBass will be providing a gigillion watts of sound. Sound by SubBass. Lights by Kip Davis. RSVP to [email protected] for deetz.
  • Sublimate: Fifth Anniversary - Flyer front