I.T. presents DVS1 & Ectomorph

  • Space transformation by Amber Gillen Fully immersive sound by Jim Gibbons / AVS Celebrate the lost art of underground with Minneapolis favorite DVS1. Back home he owns his own Warehouse and throws parties there, he even did one with Jeff Mills. His love of the aesthetic that we care about is deep and enduring and his skills are unmatched, we think his sound in the IT environment will truly resonate. And to celebrate the release of Ectomorph album "Stalker", Ectomorph will perform live with their mountain of modulars and moogs Opening set by the most ambidextrous of selectors, No Way Back's Outer Space Room secret weapon Scott Zacharias bringing the heat. Ambient room by David Shettler, who will be DJing and performing live on modular throughout his 7 hour set!
  • I.T. presents DVS1 & Ectomorph - Flyer front