Killekill & Universe of Tang Pres. Flush's Bday Bash

  • Hear electro on blast when local crew Killekill invites DJ Stringray to play alongside a stacked lineup of residents.
  • This night Killekill label boss DJ Flush celebrates his birthday in the main room with some old mates including electro Übermaster DJ Stingray, Miss Alienata and Chris Video a.k.a. Shredder, who will deliver another Miami Bass special set with live vocals, which he killed it with at Krake Festival this year. London warehouse crew Universe of Tang hosts the second room. Having made their Berlin debut at Killekill’s Summer Camp in August, London’s DIY party crew is back and will give the Silo Floor a tropical twist: The year is 2311. Earth’s temperatures are rapidly rising and plants are not evolving fast enough to survive. As part of Operation Tang, scientists have been genetically modifying plant species to survive the inhospitable conditions on earth. A breakthrough arrives, phonosynthesis – a bioacoustic manipulation allowing plants to absorb energy from sound. This will be one of those nights. Bloom in!
  • Killekill & Universe of Tang Pres. Flush's Bday Bash - Flyer front