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    DJ Overdose live (rotterhague records, murder capital) Goto80 live C64 a/v (central processing unit, data airlines, datadoor) Scarlit Port (brokntoys) D.Instructed (funk injacktion, fundamental records) Axiom (CL) (x:ploration, skizze) SV3N (transmission, skizze) zvh (yaga gathering) Visuals by GESO (godisaglitch)
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  • Boarding for the next X:Ploration has already begun. We will leave our home galaxy and advance into areas previously known only theoretically. Over 40 years ago, Voyager was sent out with the Golden Record carrying a message to extraterrestrials to help them get a picture of us as human beings. New technological and social developments in recent decades have made it necessary to send an update. Since then, humanity has become globally connected via internet and electronic music occupies a large part of human listening habits. To give a good contemporary impression, we have brought experts on basslines and synthesizer sounds, funky beats and robo-rhythms, chill-frequencies and computer programming as well as visualization on board. DJ OVERDOSE is a specialist when it comes to the old school with new influences. His many years of experience in Hip Hop and Electro are very much requested for this mission and he will perform one of his rare live sets. Programming beats and sampling techniques will be just as much a part of his performance as scratching vinyl. Here everyone will pick up a thing or two - Generation Y like Z! GOTO80 is also a connection from the old to the new and therefore just as good a choice for our endeavor. As an "old media artist" he generates live coded sounds on his old C64 computer from the 80s and mixes it with ASCII graphics. Retro alarm for the eyes and ears - a mix of pop, acid, electro and punk along with its own special 8-bit style. Catchy, noisy, funky and fearless! SCARLIT PORT has a broad musical understanding, which is why he is part of the crew. He began his first productions with Detroit-inspired electro and later expanded his musical interests with IDM via Drill'nBass, all the way to Musique Concrete. Coming from Luxembourg, he now lives in Berlin since a few years and runs his own label +Nurse+, which he releases in tape and vinyl formats. Recently there was a well received split release with Identified Project on Brokntoys. D.INSTRUCTED from Berlin is one of the old school and has been spinning records since the mid-90s. Infected by Detroit and Electro - but also with influences from Jazz, Disco, Acid, EBM, Jack and House - with his buddy Rene Polley he explores their funky rhythms and special sounds. The essence of which can be heard since 2008 on their label "Funk Injacktion" or in their live sets as well as on the "Time Capsule", the legendary 808-box series by Fundamental Records. SV3N brings over 25 years musical experience with him and has made a name for himself in the german Rhein-Main region for his diverse style of Detroit techno, Electro and IDM. After he supported Autechre on their European tour in 1998, he moved to Manchester (UK) where he came together with Skam Records and was Co-Promoter of the legendary ilektro Club nights in Park Nightclub. Meanwhile he is based in Berlin and always on the go. He played the chillout floor at the Warp 25 year anniversary in Krakow and is curating small underground experimental events in Berlin. ZVH is a music enthusiast from Lithuania who has been collecting vinyl for around 15 years - mainly IDM, Ambient, Experimental and Dub-Techno. There he organises different musical events, promotes electronic music culture and has curated the Chillout line-up for the Lithuanian Festival Yaga Gathering for the past 7 years. GESO is responsible for the visual element this time. With his reliable knowledge of the region spanning back many years, he will connect the musical frequencies with his visuals and delivers an all-encompassing image to our senses. He has already proven his feel for aesthetics many times. Be it through the graphic design magazine BELIO which he used to curate with his brother or through his countless outings as a visual artist at various events. Geso always surprises with both, new ideas and approach. AXIOM is the curator of X:Ploration and the connecting element. Since the mid 90's he has played not only his Electro sound but also Techno and Experimental music. Since 2006, he runs the label Crazy Language, which releases truly original electronic music and visuals. He put the X:Ploration team together and ensures a smooth and comfortable trip. -- CLUB FLOOR: DJ OVERDOSE live (rotterhague records, murder capital) ............https://soundcloud.com/jayoverdose SCARLIT PORT (nurse, brokntoys) ............https://soundcloud.com/scarlit-port D.INSTRUCTED (funk injacktion, fundamental records) ............https://soundcloud.com/user-141251586 AXIOM (x:ploration, skizze) ............https://soundcloud.com/axiom_berlin visuals by GESO (godisaglitch) ............https://vimeo.com/geso CHILLOUT FLOOR: GOTO80 live C64 a/v (central processing unit, data airlines, datadoor) ............https://www.goto80.com SV3N (transmission, skizze) ............https://www.mixcloud.com/SV3N/ ZVH (yaga gathering) ............https://soundcloud.com/zvh 23:59 // Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke
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